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About the Archive

TVCXpress's archiving system efficiently stores all your digital tvcs and videos content. You will have easy access to your library of past and current files via our user-friendly dashboard.

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Our archiving system is customized for your use, ensuring all content is organized according to your needs.

Easy Access

You will have complete and easy access to your media library, 24/7 via a work station and portable/mobile dashboard.


Leveraging granular metadata, our Archiving system can provide in-depth TVC file information, making this the most comprehensive database of TVC files in the market.

Collect and catalogue relevant metadata
from archived content.

Key Features

Search Optimization

Multiple search layers (general, advanced and personalized ‘My Library’) and filters ensure quick and easy file search.

Storage and Accessibility

Our value-added and flexible storage plans and advanced connectivity guarantee inexpensive, unrestricted and efficient storage of and access to your files, 24/7.

Comprehensive File Data

Our archiving architecture is built on descriptive metadata, the backbone of digital curation. This enables access to comprehensive file data, making this the most complete database of your multi-media content information in the industry.

Downloadable Content

Both high and low resolution files may be available via our simple download function. This enables users to secure their high-quality content files within seconds.

TVCXpress Solutions

A holistic suite of products engineered to enhance media management and distribution across various industries.





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